May 22, 2022.Listen now (18 min) | The Particle and the Wave. Is it truly your idea? The Hardware and Software of You.
May 15, 2022Listen now (23 min) | Hey hey! Weather in Madras, blah blah blah. Weekend, blabbity blah blah. Let’s get right on with it, shall we? The three things…
May 8, 2022Listen now (17 min) | A wake-up call to not ignore. You never know what they are going through.
May 1, 2022Listen now (20 min) | Good morning! The 3 things for you today are: Swimming upstream. Salmon swim upstream to spawn. You need to swim upstream to keep…
April 24, 2022Listen now (22 min) | Streaks and Cycles. The Law of Inertia. Training outdoors vs indoors.
April 17, 2022Listen now (14 min) | Learn from Yourself. Best Friends.
April 10, 2022Listen now (16 min) | Finding Balance. Miracle Diets. Making it Look Easy.
April 3, 2022Listen now (14 min) | A case for measuring effort. The time delay.
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